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Ciara Phillips, Workshop (2010–ongoing), 2013.The Showroom, London. Courtesy the artist and The Showroom, London. © Ciara Phillips
Agnes Etherington Art Centre
Thursday 3 March 2016
7 pm

Ciara Phillips will be at Queen’s from 21 February to 6 March as the 2016 Koerner Visiting Artist in the BFA Program. A Queen’s graduate and 2014 nominee for Britain’s prestigious Turner Prize, she will talk about her work in a public lecture at the Agnes. A reception follows. This is a great chance to meet a leading artist of our times.

Phillips is an alumna of Queen’s BFA, who makes her home in Glasgow, UK. For more information on Phillips and her work, see

Phillips will be artist-in-residence in Fine Art from 22 February through 4 March, thanks to the generous support of the Koerner Foundation.