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Director’s Message

Portrait of Jan Allen Photo: Tim Forbes

The Season Launch is on Thursday 17 January: I hope to see you there!

Behind-the-scenes, we have been busy welcoming the staff who are supporting Agnes initiatives in experiential learning-through-art outreach, digital development and youth programming. Thank you to all those who have supported our work so generously through 2018 as donors, volunteers and loyal members. With these developments, we are entering 2019 with expanded possibilities for bringing art to life. Notable among these is an exciting collaborative artist residency program with the McDonald Institute of Astroparticle Physics Research, and, in tandem, we are working with Queen’s Department of Film and Media to launch an innovative new graduate program in Film, Expanded Media and Curatorial Studies.

It is time to shape a bold vision for the gallery’s future. With the help of a Strategic Plan Steering Committee comprising Glen Bloom, Alan Grant, Katie Macmillan (Chair) and Dylan Robinson, Agnes is undertaking reflection and outreach to assess recent achievements and our changing context. We are drawing on input from museum staff, university colleagues, students and faculty, peers and partner organizations, community stakeholders, members, volunteers and donors. These consultations will inform our work across the next five years through guiding principles, goals and actions to be articulated in the 2019–2025 Strategic Plan.

I want to extend my thanks to Bob Burge and Liz Schell for their generous years of service on our Advisory Board as they move on to new adventures. Each has been hugely helpful in informing and supporting the gallery’s development.

A shout out of special thanks to Catie Allan, Lynne Kenny, Sandy Fox and the whole team behind the fall’s successful (sold out!) A Taste for the Arts fundraiser for Agnes programs for youth. The “tablescapes” were truly spectacular. Great gratitude to all who came out to support the gallery.

Jan Allen, Director