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About the Collections

Photo: Tim Forbes

The Agnes Etherington Art Centre holds over 17,000 works of art, with major concentrations of contemporary art, Canadian historical art, Baroque-era paintings of the Dutch Golden Age, and African art. The Canadian collections include fine early topographical watercolours and major examples of 20th-century painting, and embraces Inuit and Indigenous art, as well as historic dress and decorative arts reflecting the history of the region. The historical European holdings are of exceptional quality and depth. At their core is The Bader Collection, with nearly 200 paintings including four by Rembrandt. The contemporary art collection is largely Canadian, with strong representation of socially and politically engaged art, and major examples of electronic art.

Explore our searchable collections database. High-resolution images and full descriptions are available for selected works, with new additions on a regular basis. Browse, or search for specific works using keywords, to discover the richness of the Agnes collection.