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Art Hive @Agnes, Fall 2019. Photo: Tim Forbes
Friday 27 March 2020
9 am–5 pm

Building on the success of Art Hive @Agnes, this public symposium welcomes those working in art and wellness — and those looking to learn more — to a supportive environment for learning about the impact of the arts within communities. This symposium addresses innovative art and wellness programs in practice across museums, hospitals, art studios and community gathering spaces.

Join us as we explore together how the arts can support the creation of a healthier, more connected and just society, and commit to take action at the community, institutional and political levels. The day will include hands-on workshops and presentations from experts in the field. Topics  include community building, social prescriptions, creativity, museum wellness, craft and more.  This event is free, register to save your spot.



This event is made possible through the generous support of the Kingston Community Foundation and The Birks Foundation.

Speaker information and workshops to be released Winter 2020.