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Christopher Manson, Large Artifact, 2013, digital print.
Christopher Manson, Heather’s Eye Exam, 2012, digital print.
Agnes Etherington Art Centre
Friday 24 April 2015

Dr William Kenny of Queen’s Department of Psychiatry launches the first annual conference on Creativity and the Mind, under the theme “Image, Fantasy & Healing.” Kenny describes the goals of the project as an investigative forum: “We will attempt a dialogue across various disciplines to extend our understanding of brain functioning and human emotions. We will hear from artists, scientists and therapists whose experience has deepened our understanding of creativity and its profound effects on the mind.”

The conference targets artists, scientists, mental health workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, family doctors, students and the general public. Watch for further information and registration at Agnes members may register at the student rate of $60 (prior to 1 April) or $70 (after 1 April).

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