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Photo: Tim Forbes
View of Etherington House. Photo: Garrett Elliott
An Agnes Community Docent leads a group tour through Log Cabin: A Canadian Quilt. Photo: Tim Forbes
Children immerse in artmaking in the André Biéler Studio. Photo: Tim Forbes
Families explore materials and create together in the André Biéler Studio. Photo: Garrett Elliott
Saturday 16 June
10–4 pm

For Doors Open 2018, we offer a full day of arts and culture! This feast of activities is free.

Catch our Community Docents for short tours in Log Cabin: A Canadian Quilt at 11 am, Artists at Work: Picturing Practice in the European Tradition at 1 pm and Chris Kline and Yam Lau: Weave at 3 pm.

Drop into the Studio between 10 am and 2 pm to engage in a shadow-play activity inspired by exhibiting artist Yam Lau’s work. Participants will explore the effects of light and dark by creating their own shadow figures and cut-out shapes. The completed pieces can be brought to life in our staged 3-dimensional space.