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Screenshot from Or So We Say
Thursday 2 November 2017
7–9 pm

Or So We Say  (2017) 10:00
Doorway (2017)  7:00
The Child’s Concept of Chance (2013/16)   5:00
Grading Greek Philosophers  (2014/16)  3:00
The Wide Wide World (2015/16)   9:00
We Move Only Ourselves (2015/17)  10:30
Ocean View  (2015/16)   10:00
God Hates Himself  (2014/17)   20:00

Media artist and writer Gary Kibbins presents a screening of new and recent work.  Kibbins, who previously taught at California Institute of the Arts, is a faculty member in Queen’s Department of Film and Media.  A collection of his essays and scripts titled Grammar & Not-Grammar is available at the Agnes or  from YYZ Books. Recent prizes include the Images Festival Grand Prize (2012) and “Less Is More” Prize at the Images Festival (2015).