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20 May–25 August 2017
(no tours 17 June and 1 July)
Tuesday–Friday 11:10 am & 2:10 pm; Saturday–Sunday 2:10 pm

Engage in a guided tour illuminating extraordinary works by renowned artist, Rembrandt van Rijn, including a most recent acquisition, Portrait of a Man with Arms Akimbo. The Agnes is proud to hold three of the six authenticated paintings by Rembrandt in Canadian public galleries. The 45-minute tour will also highlight our current exhibitions in contemporary, Canadian, European and African art.

This specially crafted 45-minute tour is offered at the Agnes throughout the summer, but space is limited. Book a tour at our reception desk or by calling (613) 533.2190.

Tickets: Adults $10 / Members & Children (age 5–15) $7.50 / Children (5 and under) Free