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24 August–1 December 2019

Portraits and self-portraits from the contemporary collection

27 April–1 December 2019

This contemporary group exhibition brings sex to the table to encourage open and raw conversations about our relationships to our own and each other’s bodies.

27 April–5 August 2019

Any Saint  experiments with traditional narrative by fragmenting stories across sculpture, installation, holograms, animation and video.

27 April–1 December 2019

Drawing upon the Queen’s University Collection of Canadian Dress, clothing from the 1890s to 1970s intermingles as display with contemporaneous works of art.

5 January–5 August 2019

Explores the city’s enduring appeal for artists across Europe in the 17th century

25 August–2 December 2018

The show honours, with chilling beauty, the hundredth anniversary of the conclusion of the Great War.

28 April–6 August 2018

A two-person exhibition that reflects precise involvement in the fields of force of materials.

29 April–7 August 2017

A selection of Levine’s key works from the mid-1960s to the early 1970s. Organized and circulated by Oakville Galleries

9 January 2016–10 April 2016

Collections, visual art and expressive movement address the conceptual structures shaping understanding of African art

9 January 2016–10 April 2016

An exhibition of rare artists’ books and other printed matter

29 August 2015–6 December 2015

A gallery-wide choreographed live-camera installation, Judy Radul’s new work is a machine for heightened looking

2 May–9 August 2015

In this selection of monochrome prints by long-time Kingston artist Margaret Lock, figures portray roles in a range of expressive tableaux.

10 January–12 April 2015

New works by Charles Stankievech probing twentieth-century military forms and the ways they shaped spaces of conflict.

10 January–6 December 2015

Paintings from the Dutch Golden Age that reveal the fascinating ebb and flow of artistic choices and fortunes in the city that Rembrandt called home.


10 January–12 April 2015

Watercolours and sketches by British-born artists who worked in Canada during the nineteenth century.

29 November 2014–5 April 2015

As an artist, filmmaker and cultural and environmental advocate, Kim Ondaatje made an indelible mark on the Canadian art world.

30 August–7 December 2014

Leading up to Kingston Penitentiary’s closure, Geoffrey James paid multiple visits to the site to develop a body of photographs memorializing this legendary institution.

30 August 2014–12 April 2015

While the global environment struggles to cope with destruction from human development, hope for change is paramount to averting further damage, as well as reversing such ruin.

30 August–7 December 2014

Drawing on the Agnes’s rich collection of European works on paper, this exhibition shows the wide variety of animals that emerged in the art of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

1 February–7 December 2014

One of Rembrandt’s chief preoccupations was creating images that tell stories from history, mythology and the Bible.