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School Programs

Photo: Tim Forbes

The Agnes offers school programs for Grades 1–8 and Grades 9–12.

The Beyond Classrooms Initiative

Image: Tim Forbes

Image: Tim Forbes

Beyond Classrooms is a program that brings teachers and their classes into the wider community for a week-long learning experience. While teaching their regular curriculum, teachers use our exhibitions and resources as a springboard for collaborative and inquiry-based learning.

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School Programs for Grades 1–12

About Our School Programs

Our thematic school programs for Grades 1–12 encourage looking, dialogue and active engagement with original works of art in our galleries. They fuse art appreciation with hands-on creation to offer an animated, multi-faceted learning experience outside the classroom. We develop cross-curricular programs annually, based on new exhibitions. Student volunteers from Queen’s University receive extensive training in order to deliver the programs with enthusiasm and expertise.

In the winter term, students in Grades 4–8 will consider the powerful roles women have played in historical European painting as seen in The Powers of Women: Female Fortitude in European Art. New this winter term, we are offering a school program for Secondary and Intermediate students. This program will explore the evocative work of Kent Monkman’s Shame and Prejudice: A Story of Resilience exhibition created as a response to Canada 150 sesquicentennial celebrations. These programs relate to the Ontario Ministry of Education’s elementary curriculum; please see specific connections below.

Junior (Grades 4–6)

The Powers of Women: Female Fortitude in European Art features historical works depicting women. Students will examine the heroic portrayals of women in classical and biblical allegories as well as artistic elements and principles used to convey these stories. They will take these concepts to create their own narrative works inspired by influential women in their lives.

Booking Dates: Tuesday–Friday, 23 January–6 April 2018

Booking Times: 10:00–11:30 am OR 1:00–2:30 pm

Program Fee: $80.00, materials included

Curriculum Connections:

Visual Arts: Examining works of art for the elements and principles of design; observing how artists use the elements and principles of design to effectively communicate a message or story.

Social Studies: Exploring the roles of women in art and stories; discussing the historic status of women in Europe through art.


Secondary (9–12) and Intermediate (Grades 7–8)
Kent Monkman

In this hour-long program students will be lead through a thought-provoking discussion of works by Canadian Cree artist, Kent Monkman, and the artifacts that inspired him. Students will discuss the artistic process and art historical references that Monkman uses to capture historical and present issues in Indigenous communities.

Booking Dates: Tuesday–Friday, 23 January–6 April 2018

Booking Times: 10–11:30 am OR 1–2:30 pm

Program Fee: $80.00, materials included

Curriculum Connections:

Visual Arts: Exploring the creative process and critical analysis process; understanding art historical references.

History: Discussing the history of Settler interaction with Indigenous peoples, Confederation and Residential Schools; understanding the modern impact colonization has had on different communities in Canada.

Social Sciences and Humanities: Exploring topics related to equity, diversity, and/or social justice issues to formulate questions and spark discussions.

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Booking a Visit for Grades 1–12

Booking a Visit

Size of class:  All conducted tours are geared for classes of 40 or fewer.

Note: Programs are not available 7 December–22 January, 20–23 February, 8–18 March.

Cost: $80.00 per class. The program fee can be paid at Reception of the Agnes on the day of the visit. Please make cheques payable to Queen’s University and include the school and grade. There is no charge for teachers or their assistants. Receipts will be issued upon payment. We also accept payment by VISA, Mastercard or debit.

Cancellations: If you must cancel, please do so at least three weeks before your confirmed booking so that another class can make arrangements to take your place. A cancellation fee of one half the regular fee is charged if the visit is cancelled less than one week before the date of the confirmed booking. This charge does not apply in the case of severe weather conditions or emergencies.

Nous offrons ce programme en français, selon la disponibilité des guides francophones.

How to Book: Please email All bookings will be confirmed by email.


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Teachers' Notes for Grades 1-8

The underlying ideas of the Ontario Curriculum for Grades 1–8: The Arts are reflected in our programs: developing creativity, communicating, understanding culture and making connections. Specific links are mentioned in the program descriptions. To help you make the most of your visit, we offer free Teachers’ Notes. This PDF contains pre- and post-visit material, with cross-curricular connections where relevant.

  Teachers’ Notes for A Space Within

NunavutLife    Teachers’ Notes for  Nunavut Life

   Teachers’ Notes for Picture Me

   Teachers’ Notes for Wild Wires

 Teachers’ Notes for Planet Protectors and Eco-Expressions


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Self-Guided Programs

If you wish to conduct a class tour yourself, please book in advance by calling (613) 533.6000 x 77347 or emailing Admission for self-guided programs is free. Please read our Guidelines for Self-Guided Tours.

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