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Agnes in the News

The Gazette
19 January 2017
The Agnes Etherington Art Centre will be celebrating the Winter Season launch on Thursday, Jan. 19 with five new exhibitions. “It’s always exciting to share the fruit of the... Read more
The Gazette
18 November 2016
The Agnes Etherington Art Centre is the winner of three major awards from the Ontario Association of Art Galleries (OAAG): Innovation in a Collections-Based Exhibition Award;... Read more
Magenta Magazine
31 October 2016
Ciara Phillips and the intersection of art, labour and gender by Lauren Fournier Comrade Objects: Ciara Phillips marks the Glasgow-based Canadian artist’s first solo exhibition... Read more
25 October 2016
What’s Happening at the Agnes this Season? By: Anders Morley Temperatures are finally falling, and for me that often means down-time is spent at home with a good book and a warm... Read more
The Queen's Journal
30 September 2016
My experience reading The Globe and Mail through a feminist lens By: Alex Palermo Last Saturday, I had a revelation. Sometimes, sexism doesn’t manifest itself as words... Read more
Queen's Gazzette
13 September 2016
With Queen’s University marking its 175th anniversary it is only fitting that the Agnes Etherington Art Centre be part of the celebrations. The Agnes will be celebrating the... Read more
08 August 2016
Bader Curator and Researcher of European Art Jacquelyn N. Coutré spoke recently with Sylvie-Anne Jeanson of Ici Radio-Canada about Rembrandt van Rijn’s Portrait of a Man... Read more
Queen's Gazzette
02 May 2016
Thursday April 28, 2016 By Mark Kerr, Senior Communications Officer   Since acquiring Rembrandt’s Portrait of a Man with Arms Akimbo late last year, the Agnes... Read more
Queen's Gazzette
01 December 2015
Tuesday December 1, 2015 By Mark Kerr, Senior Communications Officer Thanks to Alfred and Isabel Bader, Queen’s art centre has added another Rembrandt painting to its... Read more
17 September 2015
“The centre cannot hold,” writes W. B. Yeats while reflecting on the spiritual ruins of World War I. An archeology of military outposts across the twentieth century... Read more
Queen's Journal
02 June 2015
Deirdre Logue and Allyson Mitchell have created their own universe within the walls of the Agnes Etherington Arts Centre. The Toronto-based artists run Toronto’s Feminist Art... Read more
Canadian Art
07 May 2015
The Agnes Etherington Art Centre will launch three new exhibitions of works by female artists on May 8 at 5:30 pm, in conjunction with the Canadian Women Artists History... Read more
Queen's Gazette
07 May 2015
When The Artist Herself: Self-Portraits by Canadian Historical Women Artists opens at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre (the Agnes) on May 8, it will not only showcase the art of... Read more
TV Cogeco, K-Town Source
09 April 2015
K-Town Source visits the Agnes Etherington Art Centre and gallery on Queen’s campus in Kingston to learn about the art workshops and summer courses offered at the... Read more
Kingston Whig-Standard
26 March 2015
Deep in a vault below the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, a small group of women from Kingston’s past are finally being given a voice. The women, all members of the city’s high... Read more
Queen's Journal
27 February 2015
Artists in Amsterdam is a culturally rich exhibit Artists in Amsterdam is a startling visual portrayal of the myriad of influences that shaped the art culture in the city... Read more
Herd Magazine
29 January 2015
A thoughtful review of the Agnes’ Akram Zaatari: All Is Well show, now at Carleton University Art Gallery “In the name of God the most merciful, most gracious,” begin... Read more
Kingston Whig Standard
27 January 2015
KINGSTON — “The Park and the Landscape” is a new exhibition on display at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, and I was very keen on viewing the show when I learned it was... Read more
Queen's Journal
27 January 2015
Collection of African masks, statues, and photography capturing traditions The Justin and Elisabeth Lang Collection of African Art is an eye-opening arrangement of masks, statues... Read more
Queen's Journal
23 January 2015
“Go to Nature in all her singleness of heart … rejecting nothing, selecting nothing and scorning nothing; rejoicing always in the truth.” This quotation by influential... Read more
Queen's Gazette
21 January 2015
Professor Emeritus David McTavish died on Nov. 27, in Kingston, depriving the Queen’s community of a gifted scholar, educator and friend. Professor Emeritus David McTavish... Read more
Queen's Gazette
20 January 2015
The Agnes Etherington Art Centre at Queen’s unveiled its new exhibitions during a season launch event last week. Several hundred patrons explored the exhibitions and met artist... Read more
Queen's Journal
09 January 2015
An assortment of ecological works Nestled within the walls of the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, “I Hope Humanity…” is a meaningful exhibition that makes a sobering point... Read more
16 December 2014
Vancouver-based Douglas Coupland may be best known for writing acerbic and hilarious novels such as Generation X and The Gum Thief, but he’s also quite an accomplished visual... Read more
Queen's Gazette
04 December 2014
Art lovers in Kingston and around the globe now have a new way to support the Agnes Etherington Art Centre. The gallery began offering direct memberships earlier this fall. The... Read more
Queen's Gazette
28 November 2014
Flags on campus are lowered in memory of David McTavish, a professor emeritus in the Department of Art. Dr. McTavish began teaching at Queen’s in 1973 and was promoted to full... Read more
Queen's Alumni Review
21 November 2014
Dr. Alfred Bader tells how he discovered the painting that turned out to be an important early El Greco. The painting, The Adoration of the Shepherds, is now part of the... Read more
National Gallery of Canada
28 October 2014
Rembrandt’s Circle at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre — In an age when Facebook and Twitter are synonymous with social networking, it’s easy to forget that social networks... Read more
Kingston Whig-Standard
09 October 2014
A group of grades 6, 7 and 8 students from Holy Name Catholic School likely know more about Agnes Etherington than just about anyone else in the city these days. The children... Read more
Kingston Whig-Standard
08 October 2014
Kingston Penitentiary has long been a fixture on the architectural and societal landscape of Kingston, likely ever since it opened its doors in 1835. Closed in the autumn of 2013,... Read more
Queen's Gazette
06 October 2014
Carolyn Dowdell has developed a close, personal relationship with Agnes Etherington. It’s a relationship built over the past couple of years. However, the two have never met. In... Read more
Queen's Gazette
25 September 2014
In his new photography exhibition, Inside Kingston Penitentiary, photographer Geoffrey James showcases images from the final months of the Kingston prison. The exhibit, featured... Read more
Queen's Gazette
24 September 2014
Shortly after Kingston Penitentiary (KP) closed in 2013, the public could tour the prison with the proceeds going to charity. People snapped up the tickets within minutes, eager... Read more
Canadian Art
23 September 2014
From Piranesi’s famed 1700s etching series Imaginary Prisons to Netflix’s second-season 2014 finale of Orange is the New Black, fictional images and narratives of imprisonment... Read more
Queen's Gazette
17 September 2014
Riveting images from Kingston Penitentiary and a thoughtful selection of works on the theme of environmental anxiety are the focus of new exhibitions at the Agnes Etherington Art... Read more
16 September 2014
For the last 178 years, Kingston Penitentiary has been looming over the city, both literally and figuratively. The massive Victorian façade hides a painful past that most of the... Read more
09 September 2014
For decades, Kingston Penitentiary was a dumping ground for Canada’s most diabolical criminals. “A huge, huge warehouse of wasted lives,” to borrow the words of one former... Read more
Queen's Alumni Review
09 May 2014
As Canada commemorates the end of the military mission in Afghanistan, a new exhibition at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre (AEAC) explores issues around international conflict... Read more
Kingston Whig-Standard
16 April 2014
Art is often viewed as a transformative experience, and for installation artist Nichola Feldman-Kiss, creating it was, too. Feldman-Kiss is one of three artists whose work is... Read more
Queen's Journal
28 March 2014
Nan Yeomans’ Intimate Views provides a unique look back at Kingston. The exhibit, fully titled Intimate Views: The Watercolours of Nan Yeomans, is now on display at the Agnes... Read more
Kingston Whig-Standard
26 March 2014
Something you may or may not be aware of is that the Agnes Etherington Art Centre (AEAC), on Queen’s University campus, has two genuine Rembrandt van Rijn paintings. This may... Read more
Kingston Whig-Standard
14 February 2014
It has been said that good things come in small packages, and this is certainly true of three smaller exhibitions on view at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre on the Queen’s... Read more
Queen's Journal
04 February 2014
Rembrandt’s fellow travellers depicted contrasts of light and dark that provide an interesting diversion from the varied greys of a Kingston winter. However, it’s not only... Read more
Canadian Art
15 December 2012
Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, and Museum of Health Care at Kingston Howie Tsui’s unsparing display of bodily trauma in “Friendly Fire” at the Agnes Etherington Art... Read more