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09 April 2018

Caitlyn Picard at work, with the Queen’s University Collection of Canadian Dress. Photo: Garrett Elliott

Since joining the Agnes last summer as Textile Conservation Technician, Caitlyn Picard has completed condition and risk assessments for the entire Queen’s University Collection of Canadian Dress. Over 2,700 objects have been examined, ranging from feathered hats and evening gowns to walking sticks and children’s shoes, fulfilling a goal set when the dress collection came onsite in 2000. Caitlyn’s year-long position, generously funded by Dr Isabel Bader, built upon the research and recommendations of Isabel Bader Fellows in Textile Conservation and Research. For the second phase of her project, Caitlyn is overseeing the collection’s digitization, which will ultimately allow online public access to the textile riches held within the Agnes vaults.

An exhibition featuring this collection is planned for next year.