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26 August 2019

William Hale, Portrait of John Smith, around 1842, oil on canvas. Gift of Grace Thon and Family, 2008 (51-008), conservation treatment completed in 2009 by Amanda Gray for Agnes Etherington Art Centre

Recognizing and honouring John L. Russell and Gerald Brenner’s sustained and substantial contributions to Canadian art collections and histories, the John L. Russell and Gerald Brenner Fund supports conservation treatment of Canadian works of art in the collection at the Agnes. Your gift will support repairing, stabilizing and cleaning works of art in preparation for exhibition. The fund helps to ensure the beauty and longevity of the Canadian art collection at the Agnes.

We are having a drive to grow this Fund to allow us to prepare more works of art for exhibition and to preserve more works of art for the benefit of present and future generations. Please consider supporting the John L. Russell and Gerald Brenner Fund this year. Donate now.