Stories Behind the Drawings

This selection of drawings in the exhibition falls into three themes: Conveying Identities, On the Land, and Our Stories. Click and Explore.

Conveying Identities

Inuit had their own way of doing things, like playing games like arm wrestling. The way we were taught about traditional life was not just about hard work, but there were games and drum dances when there was plenty of food.

Ham Kadloo, 2016 (Pond Inlet)

On the Land

When I think about my ancestors during those old times, when there were no stores, and no people were living here [in town], everyone was living in camps and they were able to survive. I am very thankful for those people that were able to survive on nothing – just on land, just on tools. And their knowledge, because if they didn't survive we wouldn't be here.

Gamaili Kilukishak, 2016 (Pond Inlet)

Our Stories

It's my role, it seems, to talk about life back then or to tell the stories that my late dad told me. Those kinds of stories my dad gave me, I try to give to others. I feel it's up to us, the older generation, that we still have to talk about them, even though we might not use them, but at least the knowledge, so it's there.

Joanna Kunnuk, 2016 (Pond Inlet)