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For general inquiries contact:

Reception Desk
(613) 533.2190

Visitor Services

Visitor Services Assistant

Kate Ducharme
(613) 533.2190


Christopher Grant
(613) 533.2190


Director and Curator

Emelie Chhangur

Administrative Coordinator

Jacqueline Bell
(613) 533.6000 x 78447

Communications Coordinator

Kate Yüksel
(613) 533.6000 x 77049

Digital Development Coordinator

Danuta Sierhuis
(613) 533.6000 x 78401

Senior Development Officer, Advancement

Mariya (Maria) Yurukova
(613) 533.6000 x 78280

Financial Coordinator

Barry Fagan
(613) 533.6000 x 77070


Chief Curator/Curator of Canadian Historical Art

Alicia Boutilier
(613) 533.6000 x 77054
Adjunct Professor, Department of Art History and Art Conservation and Cultural Studies

Curator of Contemporary Art

Sunny Kerr
(613) 533.6000 x 77055
Adjunct Professor, Department of Art History and Art Conservation

Bader Curator of European Art

Suzanne van de Meerendonk
(613) 533.6000 x 75100
Adjunct Professor, Department of Art History and Art Conservation

Associate Curator, Indigenous Care and Relations

Sebastian De Line
(613) 533.6000 x 78306

Associate Curator, Academic Outreach and Community Engagement

Nasrin Himada
(613) 533.6000 x77877

Associate Curator, Arts of Africa

Qanita Lilla

Curatorial Assistant, Artist Residencies

Michelle Bunton
(613) 533.6000 x 78519

Public Programs

Program Coordinator

Charlotte Gagnier
(613) 533.6000 x 77053

Program Assistant

Maddi Andrews
(613) 533.6000 x 77347

Collections and Exhibitions

Collections Manager/Exhibition Coordinator

Jennifer Nicoll
(613) 533.6000 x 77970

Textile Conservation Technician

Marissa Monette
(613) 533.6000 x 77326

Exhibition Coordinator

Leah Cox
(613) 533.6000 x 77326


Scott Wallis
(613) 533.6000 x 77048


Mark Birksted
(613) 533.6000 x 75799

Press and Media

To feature our exhibitions or collections, arrange an interview with art experts, or explore intriguing stories, press and media are encouraged to connect with us directly. We are more than happy to assist.

Communications Coordinator

Kate Yüksel
(613) 533.6000 x 77049

Advisory Board


Shoshanna Bennett-Dwara
Glen Bloom (Past-Chair)
Vicky Chainey Gagnon (Vice-Chair) Anja Cui
Joe Friday
Reesa Greenberg
Corrie Jackson
Kamryn Marsh
Kristin Moriah
Mia Nielsen
Celeste Pedri-Spade
Public Studio ¬ Elle Flanders and Tamira Sawatzky (Chair)
Adrienne Purbhoo
Christina Zeidler


Gauvin Bailey
Alicia Boutilier
Emelie Chhangur
Nancy Evans
Jim Neill
Teri Shearer
Mariya Yurukova

Image Credits

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