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Digital Agnes

A constellation of digital initiatives in visual culture

Supporting collaborative and interdisciplinary exchange and experimentation in digital arts programming, including commissions, exhibitions, publications, podcasts, children’s programs, and more.    

Installation view of History Is Rarely Black or White, showing a yellow vinyl map on an entire wall with artworks hung at the approximate location they depict. In the centre of the room, there is a round grey plinth with a display of cotton garments, such as dresses, vests and children's suits.

Installation view of History Is Rarely Black or White. Photo: Paul Litherland

Installation view of Camille Turner's

Installation view of Camille Turner's "Dream Room" (2022) from "Fugitive Rituals," on view at Agnes 30 July to 4 December 2022. pc: Paul Litherland

Chaka Chikodzi in his outdoor studio at the golden hour.

Screenshot from "Chaka Chikodzi," a film by Naomi Okabe and Tess Girard with Chaka Chikodzi and commssioned by Agnes Etherington Art Centre, 2022.

Erin Messier and Leah Cox stand in the Contemporary Feature Gallery amidst tables full of objects ready to be digitized.

Digitizing the collection in the Contemporary Feature Gallery. Photo: Tim Forbes

A group of four people engage with a Virtual Reality installation using headsets and controllers at the Museums Without Walls symposium.

Museums Without Walls. Photo: Bojana Babic /

At the Vibrating Edges

Over the past two years, we have been thinking about our programming as interconnected lines of inquiry, learning how exhibitions and programs—not just artworks—can be curated into reciprocal conversation. It is in-between these exhibitions and programs—at their vibrating edges—where new connections are ignited across Agnes’s collections and commissions.

We are back with a second season of With Opened Mouths: The Podcast, where we give artists, poets, performers, activists and curators a platform to speak about what motivates them to imagine new worlds.

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History Is Rarely Black or White

Online Exhibition

History Is Rarely Black or White

Examine cotton garments in the Queen’s University Collection of Canadian Dress at Agnes and their connection to the global cotton industry through archival research, artistic intervention, and scientific enquiry.

Spirit Banter: Ezi Odozor

Online Exhibition

Spirit Banter: Ezi Odozor

Encounter Ezi Odozor’s Spirit Banter, a commissioned long-form poem that creates a narrative arc between the exhibitions History Is Rarely Black or White and With Opened Mouths.

Working with an expanded view of the curatorial—from making collections to simply making connections—we invited artists, cultural workers, students and community members to join in this week-long free event, through discussions, performances, exhibitions and workshops.

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Reflecting on the Collection

Bringing collections, artists and communities together. From collection highlights to asynchronous children’s programs and more, find interdisciplinary perspectives and activities that reflect on themes inspired by Agnes’s collection.

Collection Count + Care Videos

Collection Count + Care Videos

Collection Count + Care seeks  relationships within and conversations across the collection and acts as a revolving access point through which to reflect on legacies of collecting.

AGNES Learns

AGNES Learns

AGNES Learns is a digital resource for children and families. Artworks from the Agnes collection inspire fun ways to explore, understand and get creative.

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Chaka Chikodzi
Chaka Chikodzi meditates on his artistic process and what it means to converse in geological time. Watch the award-winning short film.

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