Digital Agnes 2.0 Launches

8 March 2023

New connections ignited across Agnes’s collections and commissions

Over the past two years, we have been thinking about our programming as interconnected lines of inquiry, learning how exhibitions and programs—not just artworks—can be “curated” into reciprocal conversation. It is in between these exhibitions and programs—at their “vibrating edges”—where new connections are ignited across Agnes’s collections and commissions. A new public interface for Digital Agnes, designed to better convey these vibrating edges, encapsulates thematic intersections in the digital space. Featuring digital projects and research in visual culture, Digital Agnes has undergone a rigorous development and design update.

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“Digital Agnes has transformed from a listing of the most recent digital initiatives to an active constellation of what is happening at Agnes in the digital realm,” says Danuta Sierhuis, Digital Development Coordinator.


Overview page: The new overview page better highlights the richness of the most recent digital offerings and how they entangle with Agnes’s programming

Entry pages: We can now provide more information and direct URLs to video and audio projects in Digital Agnes.

Filter system: Located on the content listing pages, the updated filter system allows you to find the vibrating edges between programs. You can search multiple keywords, series/playlists and by year across all Digital Agnes content or by content type.


Digital Agnes is ever-evolving. In the FILM511: Imagining Digital Futures for the Art Museum class, students are undertaking preliminary research and development for a reimagined online collection interface, carrying forward discussions initiated at the Institute for Curatorial Inquiry. See Manifesting Reimagined Online Collections Portals (PDF).

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