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Wordmark: Patterns for All Bodies
Online Exhibition

Patterns for All Bodies

Patterns for All Bodies (PfAB) re-patterns garments from the Dress Collection at Agnes.

In doing so, PfAB brings to life the historical process of dress construction and self-fashioning, paying homage to the origins of the Dress Collection while animating it for the present and future. The patterns are available for free download so that any body can make the clothes, or have the clothes made, for their own body. As part of PfAB, local drag artists re-envision and re-inhabit individual garments. Showing us how it can be done.

Peruse the Historical, the Technical, and the Fabulous through PfAB. Dive into the individual patterns and individualized garments, both historical and new. An ongoing project, PfAB will add new patterns, performances and resources over the years. Share your own re-creations!

From community to museum, and now museum back to community, the Dress Collection sashays out into the world in ways not previously imagined with museum collections.

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The Historical, The Technical, The Fabulous
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