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25 March 2020

If you need a mental break from the news or just need something to keep you entertained while #FlatteningTheCurve, we have a suite of material for you to explore and engage with #AGNESFromHome.  

We put our heads together and created a list of some of the great things that are available for you to discover, read, watch and enjoy Over the weeks to come, we will be sharing rich content from Agnes’s collectionsresearch and educational resources to keep you occupied and to keep you company.  

Explore Digital Agnes, our online hub for digital projects and curatorial research. Here we have interactive projects that extend our exhibitions, our born-digital publications, and select virtual tours. Take a tour of Rembrandt’s Leiden in the 17th-centurylearn about what gallery-goers wore in Canada over the last century, or watch contemporary artist Carmen Papalia speak about his signature “See for Yourself” tours that have been transforming museum programming across the globe. 

Our collection of 17,000 objects is available online for you to peruse and explore. Images and full descriptions are available for selected works, with updates and additions made frequently.  

Agnes has hours of material and a great selection of videos to choose from in our digital archives. 

Looking for something quick and fun? Watch our new AGNES Collects video series. Here, we have internationally renowned scholars and curators speaking about works in our permanent collection. 

If you are searching for special lectures or artist talks, view our newly rebranded AGNES Talks collection. 

Looking for your next book to read? A select number of Agnes’s print publications are digitized and available for FREE on our website. Take this time at home to enrich your knowledge about art and read up on our past exhibitions and the permanent collection, including eleven of the publications on The Bader Collection.   

Screenshot from a search of the collections featuring works on view.

Screenshot from a search of the collections featuring works on view.

Get inspired by the artists and fellows who have been in residence at Agnes and explore their projects.   

Dive into our news and stories, featuring articles on our exhibitions, collections, and projects. New articles are regularly published.  

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Open Workshop with Artist-in-Residence, Vanessa Dion Fletcher in the André Biéler Studio.

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