Land as local artist (grades 9–12)

Billie Kearns and Jill Glatt’s exhibition, Who is Belle Island? asks, “What does it mean to be a local artist?” and “How can we honour the land with the stories we tell?”. Explore these questions with the short video and accompanying lesson plan.

Developed and recorded by Jessica Endress, Education Assistant, Special Projects. This video is accompanied by a lesson plan geared towards high school students grades 9–12.

AGNES Learns is a digital resource for children and families. Artworks from the Agnes collection inspire fun ways to explore, understand and get creative.


Featured Exhibition

Billie Kearns (aka Billie the Kid) and Jill Glatt

Who is Belle Island?

1 December 2023–28 March 2024
Curated by Sunny Kerr, Curator of Contemporary Art

Agnes thanks the  J.J.M. Investment Group CIBC Wood Gundy and the Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation for their support. 

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