Agnes's front facade during the Solstice Party.

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Historical French colonial map superimposed onto satellite imagery.
Agnes Research
Cataroquai Longhouse Education & Archival Research
Jocelyn Hillier, MAC ‘22 and Suzanne van de Meerendonk, Bader Curator of European Art use the Hirox microscope in the Art Conservation lab at Queen’s. Rembrandt van Rijn, Head of an Old Man in a Cap, around 1630, oil on panel. Gift of Alfred and Isabel Bader, 2003
Agnes Research
International collaboration looks closely at Rembrandt
Inuit Artist, Contest of Strength, 1955, soapstone. Gift of John and Mary Robertson 1995 (38-017.09)
Agnes Stories
What’s been happening with research and Indigenous collections?
Late 19th-century “Duster Jacket” in the Queen’s University Collection of Canadian Dress.
Agnes Research
Waterproofing, –Sophia Zweifel
A box of detachable men’s collars from the late 19th–early 20th century in the Queen’s University Collection of Canadian Dress.
Agnes Research
“Back Again At Collar!”, –Sophia Zweifel
Washing a white organdy and lace dress from 1918-1919 (C63-559.1)
Agnes Research
Washing a white organdy and lace dress from 1918-1919, –Sophia Zweifel
Mixing Prussian blue dye to use as a bluing agent. Prussian blue is formed when iron (III) nitrate and potassium ferrocyanide are combined. The dye was added to a rinse bath to create a very dilute solution of bluing that helps whites appear whiter after washing.
Agnes Research
Historical Cleaning Practices Workshop, –Sophia Zweifel
Sonia Kata, a Conservator at the McCord Museum, describes recent textile treatments undertaken for an upcoming exhibition, Fashioning Expo 67
Agnes Research
A Fieldtrip, –Sophia Zweifel
A pair of hand-embroidered underwear (likely from 1915–1925) photographed under UV light. The different ways materials fluoresce offer information about what they are made of, how they might be finished, and their condition.
Agnes Research
Analysis Phase, –Sophia Zweifel
Example of a detachable starched collar in the collection.
Agnes Research
Selecting Objects of Study, –Sophia Zweifel
The Canadian Economist frontispiece
Agnes Research
Historical research: “What exactly are we looking for?”, –Sophia Zweifel

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