New Initiative in Screen Cultures and Curatorial Studies

15 April 2019

The Department of Film and Media, in partnership with Agnes, has begun recruiting students for a new graduate program in Screen Cultures and Curatorial Studies. Pending provincial government approval, this MA and PhD program will begin in fall 2019. This innovative offering links research and creation in legacy film, electronic media, online digital and curatorial studies and practice to equip graduates to thrive and participate in these interwoven strands of contemporary culture.

This hybridized, intermeshed relationship between studies and production has been central to the Film and Media Department at Queen’s since its inception in 1969. The integration of a curatorial stream into this mix, through a partnership with Agnes, takes the graduate program to another level, completing the triad of cultural production, criticism and reception.

Agnes Director Jan Allen points out, “With the support of the curatorial team and professional staff, students in this program will have access to experiential learning in a high-functioning art museum. At the same time, our public-facing programs will benefit from an infusion of new research and digital-culture perspectives. Curatorial studies is all about strategies for making meaning; multi-disciplinary access to these new graduate courses will inform and energize all our work.”

Learn more about the unique program, range of course options and professional opportunities for students in a 30-minute webinar on 7 or 16 May. Register here.

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