Agnes takes a field trip

4 February 2021

Agnes’s 2020–2021 virtual field trip reaches students in grades 1 to 6 wherever they are: in their classroom or at home. In the fall when the program launched, Agnes was invited to 15 classes, connecting with 343 students! These numbers are growing as the program continues on in the winter.

This initiative brings art to the community and has been embraced by teachers and students who are looking for alternative modes of learning. “Tapping into virtual experiences and online teaching tools has never been more crucial to my job of engaging my young students and connecting them with the curricular concepts and the ever-changing world around them,” says teacher Alison Bogle from St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Catholic School. “Thank you to all our partners for continuing to find ways to stay connected and relevant to school communities.”

The online school program looks closely at the exhibition Nocturne. If the synchronous option is chosen, there is an opportunity for students to engage live with Queen’s student docents as they help deliver the program. The guided online tour and studio activity embrace the sensory exploration of the night while considering the landscape genre in Historical Canadian Art. Artists’ enduring fascination with the hours between sunset and sunrise provide the foundation for curriculum links in poetry, painting and perspective. Works from the exhibition, all drawn from Agnes’s collection, highlight artists Cecil Buller, Tudlik, John Stanley Walsh, William Kurelek and Otto Reinhold Jacobi. The program runs through 12 March.

Teacher Diane Pennell shared this photo of her students Nocturne inspired creations

Teacher Diane Pennell shared this photo of her students Nocturne inspired creations.

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