Big Impact:
Learning through Art

5 February 2018

Since beginning her role as Curatorial Assistant, Academic Outreach in September, Marla Dobson has arranged  custom art encounters for over 3000 Queen’s students, more than doubling such visits over last year’s tally. These activities range from curator-led tours and art-based study sessions to course assignments and special collaborations. In addition to regular visits from the Department of Art History and Art Conservation, the Agnes has recently hosted classes from Political Studies, the Department of Geography and Planning, Cultural Studies and History, to name a few. Marla is also developing creative  new programs for students in the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Law, and the Smith School of Business.

Marla Dobson’s position piloting dedicated staff support for learning-through-art  initiatives has been made possible by a gift of the Ballymenagh Foundation.

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