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14 August 2017

Caitlyn Picard
Textile Conservation Technician

Caitlyn Picard is working at the Agnes for the next year as the new Textile Conservation Technician. She is responsible for completing a full survey and risk and condition assessment of the Queen’s University Collection of Canadian Dress. Caitlyn will also digitize selected items for our online collections database, and rehouse objects, completing minor treatments as required. Her work will greatly enhance access to and research of our remarkable Collection of Canadian Dress, which numbers over 2500 objects, including dresses, shoes, fans, parasols, jackets, hats and much more.

Holding a graduate degree in Textile Conservation from the Centre for Textile Conservation at theUniversity of Glasgow, Scotland, Caitlyn is excited to apply her passion and skills for textile conservation at the Agnes.

The Textile Conservation Technician position is generously funded by Dr Isabel Bader. AgnesDirector Jan Allen points out, “We are thrilled to welcome Caitlyn to the Agnes! A full year of technical care and documentation will be of immense benefit to the collection, and her work will broaden research access to these rare holdings. I’m tremendously grateful to Isabel Bader for her sustained interest in and support for the care of  Queen’s Collection of Canadian Dress.”

Planning has begun for an exhibition drawn from this collection for presentation in 2019.

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