Staff Spotlight:
Regan Bennett, Collections Records Assistant

26 June 2023

Regan Bennett is a student at Queen’s University currently completing a degree in Art History. Her first degree is from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she earned her B.A. (Honours) in Theatre (Acting). Regan plans to apply for the Masters in Art Conservation program at Queen’s.

Regan became interested in the museum and archive field during the summer breaks of her first degree, where she worked as a heritage interpreter at the Dartmouth Heritage Museum in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Since then, her interest in art, art history, local history, and cultural preservation has grown from an interest to a passion. As part of the Student Work Experience Program (SWEP) through Queen’s, Regan works with the collections team preparing past exhibition files for preservation at the Queen’s Archives and as a team member assisting with the transport and relocation of the collection in preparation for Agnes Reimagined.

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