Student Docents deliver tours to over 1300 students

3 April 2023

As the second semester comes to an end, we’d like to make a shout-out to our incredible team of student docents: Sophia Ceccucci and Claire Dobbie (Head Docents), Jarah Carlson, Paige Chiusolo, Genna Gatieri, Cicely Haggerty, Carolyn Kane, Emily Li, Fiona McMillan, Emma Moore, Sonia Riabtchik, Ilinca Stingaciu, Sarah Tomkins and Shu Wang! In the fall they led 1300 students (57 classes) in grades 1–12 through the exhibition Land Protectors and facilitated a studio-based project, volunteering over 550 hours. This winter while Agnes is on retreat, the docents turned their eye to our digital programs and have been researching, writing and recording a series of new Agnes Learns videos which will launch on Digital Agnes in fall 2023.

Thanks to the generous support of the Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation, Agnes’s student docents get to participate in unique professional development workshops such as the KAIROS Blanket Exercise. They attend training sessions to deepen their knowledge of arts education and strengthen their presentation skills.

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