The Canada Council for the Arts Increases Support

8 January 2018

In recognition of the Agnes’s programming excellence in contemporary art, the Canada Council for the Arts has awarded the gallery a significant increase in support over the 3-year funding cycle of the Engage and Sustain program under Council’s New Funding Model. Our annual allocation will rise from $105, 000 to $200,00, extending our capacity to bring creative modes of presentation and interpretation to the work of artists, and to develop inventive forms of participation.

Gallery Director Jan Allen responded to the news, saying, “I’m grateful to the Canada Council for embracing our vision, and I offer my heartfelt congratulations and thanks to Curator of Contemporary Art Sunny Kerr and the entire staff team for the remarkable achievements that have made this possible. Such an increase is a tremendous affirmation of the quality of our contemporary art programs and our team’s capacity to work astutely, imaginatively and responsively with artists and communities. We’re excited about the new possibilities opened by this additional support, and eager to bring these to life.”

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