Work from The Bader Collection Travels to The Hague

8 December 2019

Nicolaes Maes’s work The Sacrifice of Isaac travelled to The Hague to appear in The Mauritshuis’s exhibition Nicolaes Maes – Rembrandt’s Versatile Pupil.

The Mauritshuis writes, “Maes began his career by painting Biblical stories, in which the influence of his teacher is clearly visible. Rembrandt was a dedicated teacher who challenged his pupils to be inventive and come up with new things. Maes was inspired by his teacher, but at the same time always looked for his own, new solutions. This can be clearly seen in The Sacrifice of Isaac . Maes gave this Biblical theme an explosive charge.”

The Mauritshuis displays a collection of world-famous paintings by Dutch and Flemish masters from the Golden Age, in a majestic seventeenth-century house. The classical historic rooms of the museum are filled with iconic artworks by Vermeer, Rembrandt, Steen and Rubens.

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