Conversational Panel, De-Centering Europe in North American Institutions

Adam Harris Levine and Diva Zumaya
Moderator: Suzanne van de Meerendonk

This panel considers how curators of European art collections and the institutions that care for them on this continent may assess the role and place of European art in exhibitions and programming amid processes of decolonization and Indigenization. It asks how museum professionals can creatively and effectively work to account for inherited inequities in dedicated space, funding and human resources that structurally privilege European Art. As many museums across North America are working to transform such structures along with the categorizations and practices born from them, this panel discusses how curators can seek to responsibly work with colleagues across collections and time periods, acknowledge colonial legacies and realities in exhibitions and permanent displays and negotiate a reduced European footprint within them.

Part of An Institute for Curatorial Inquiry
In-Person, 14–19 August 2022

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