Conversational Panel, Marking Time

Emelie Chhangur, Bopha Chhay, Pamila Matharu and Maiko Tanaka
Moderator: Nasrin Himada

This panel explores the practice of curators who are driven by process, collaboration, building relationships, and transforming the conditions of the traditional gallery space and public program. Invited speakers highlight curatorial methodologies that allow for indeterminacy in process and emergent forms of experimentation. This incentive takes on a timeframe in which the project itself demands as it unfolds, despite institutional limitations. These curatorial processes create conditions for us to gather, and their impetus is to activate community engagement and input from artists, students, community members and faculty. Inspired by Pamila Matharu’s concurrent exhibition at Agnes, Where were you in 92?, the invited panelists discuss the imperative ways in which exhibition-making and public art programming can be community driven, and can function, as Emelie Chhangur has expressed, “at the intersection of the civic and the pedagogical.”

Part of An Institute for Curatorial Inquiry
In-Person, 14–19 August 2022

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