Pilgrimages Redux: A Mouthy Event – Michael Davidge and Vincent Perez

Michael Davidge and Vincent Perez, working collaboratively under the name Catalog, present “Pilgrimages Redux”, an illustrated tour of their respective pilgrimages to Mount Rushmore and Santiago de Compostela. Davidge went to Mount Rushmore to get an up-close look at a monument to democracy and Perez took the Camino de Santiago seeking communion with his latent spirituality.

Davidge and Perez came together as Catalog to combine their two passions, spoken word and printed matter. Davidge, a curator, an artist and an art critic who now lives in Ottawa, was formerly director of the Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre in Kingston. Perez is a Kingston designer, letterpress printer and artist. He is dedicated to art as public practice, design as collaborative process and printing in the analogue tradition. Perez has collaborated with Laura Kelly in organizing a series of events called Mouthy, in which audience members are invited to tell short personal stories on a theme. Following “Pilgrimages Redux,” Kelly facilitated an open-mic session in which invited speakers and audience members spoke briefly and personally on the theme of the journey.

This event was presented in conjunction with the exhibition Déjà déjà visité: Mike Bayne, Jocelyn Purdie, Maayke Schurer as part of Culture Days.

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