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Dave Kemp, Data Collection (detail), 2009. Photographic installation; inkjet prints on Sintra. Gift of the artist, 2012 (55-008a-gggg)
Wally Dion, Seated Thunderbird, 2015. Circuit boards on plywood, nails, acrylic medium and pigment. 104 x 122 x 5.7 cm. Purchase, Art Centre Acquisitions Trust, 2015 (58-011)
Set up for Study Hall in April 2016
11–21 April 2017
During Gallery Hours

Students are welcome to stake out space in the Study Hall in the Agnes Atrium during gallery hours, 11–21 April. This art-friendly setting is an excellent place for exam preparation and term paper production.

Currently on view in the Atrium are  Dave Kemp’s, Data Collection  and Wally Dion’s, Seated Thunderbird , two major art works that complement the “Big Data 175” series of talks and events this fall and winter term.