A bird's eye view of No.9 Gardens.
Landing: No.9 Gardens Exhibition
OFF-SITE: 20 July–1 October 2024
OFF-SITE: No.9 Gardens, 1516 Summers Rd, Lyndhurst, ON
Curated by Sunny Kerr, Curator of Contemporary Art and Sarah Tomkins, Curatorial Assistant

What is land doing? Land-ing. On the shores of a meandering creek and the wildflower fields of No.9 Gardens, an exhibition emerges from this inquiry. Artists Amanda Boulos, Maurício Chades, Marianne Chénard, JP Longboat, Ella Dawn McGeough, Kelsey Pearson, Sarah Peebles, Erica Stocking and José Luis Torres address the sensory experience of edges, limits, and borders— both settling and unsettling—to express how landing shapes and permeates the human dream world.

Image: No.9 Gardens. Photo: Ariel Estulin

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