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Kablusiak, Buttplug, 2018, soapstone and tung oil. Courtesy of the artist and Jarvis Hall Gallery.
Let’s Talk About Sex, bb
Samuel J. Zacks and Contemporary Feature Galleries
27 April–1 December 2019

Season Launch Reception
Thursday 2 May 2019

We want to talk about sex.
We want to talk about touch.
We want to talk about relationality.
We want to talk about sexual health and taking care of our bodies.
About how we learned to talk about sex: with each other, with our parents, our children, our friends, our kin, our lovers, our partners, our therapists, ourselves. About love, sensuality, cruising, futurisms, utopias and kinship, and all of their resurgent possibilities. We want to talk about all of these things with you.

This group exhibition features new works, collaborative installations, performances, workshops, poetry and film-based explorations that combine to create a narrative that expands the possibilities of sexual sociality. Curated by Carina Magazzeni and Erin Sutherland, Let’s Talk About Sex, bb  brings sex to the table to encourage open and raw conversations about our relationships to our own and each other’s bodies.

Carina Magazzeni is an independent curator whose practice is rooted in critical collaboration. Her projects to-date have emphasized curating as an act of care and valued friendships, and have been informed by methods of slowing down the processes of witnessing. She is a femme settler from the Niagara Region, on Haudenosaunee and Chippewa territory. She was the 2018 Curator-in-Residence, Curatorial Residency in Paris—Programme Ville de Paris aux Récollets—Fonderie Darling, Centre Culturel Canadien and the Curator-in-Residence with La Panacée at l’ESBA Montpellier Contemporain MoCo,. 

Erin Sutherland is an independent curator and scholar of Indigenous curatorial methodologies, Indigenous performance art and art history and explorations of Indigenous knowledge production/sharing via curating. She is also an Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Alberta, Augustana, and a core member of the Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective. Recent curatorial projects include the performance series Talkin’ Back to Johnny Mac; and Arrivals and Indigenous Fashion & Wearable Art at Western Canada Fashion Week, co-curated with the Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective. She is originally from Grande Prairie, Alberta, and is of Métis and settler descent.

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