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Radicals and Revolutionaries: Artists of Atelier 17, 1960s
20 February–22 August 2021
Etherington House and Franks Gallery
This show was curated by Natalie Hume as part of the practicum course in the graduate program of the Department of Art History and Art Conservation, Queen's University, and under the mentorship of Alicia Boutilier

Printmaking as a medium for creative expression was revived and revolutionized in the mid-twentieth century largely through artists associated with Atelier 17. Formed by Stanley William Hayter in 1927 as a space for artistic collaboration and experimentation, Atelier 17 brought together artists from around the world who worked individually but in common spirit. These artists developed new techniques, innovative ways of working and radical means of sharing knowledge. Towering figures of the twentieth century such as André Masson, Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso benefitted from the boundary-pushing breakthroughs made by Atelier 17 artists included in this exhibition. Drawn from Agnes’s collection, Radicals and Revolutionaries features prints by Jennifer Dickson, Stanley William Hayter, Felicity Marshall, Agatha Sorel and others.

Image: Agatha Sorel, Give and Take, 1963, etching on paper, artist’s proof. Gift of Ronald A. Sweetman, 1986 (29-124.22)

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