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Adrian Blackwell, Kate McConnal’s Space (#1 from Evicted Mat 1, 2000 [9 Hanna Ave.], 2001, colour photograph. Purchased with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts Acquisition Assistance Program and the Chancellor Richardson Memorial Fund, 2002 (45-004.01a-b)
Split Between the I and the Gaze
Frances K. Smith Gallery
24 August–1 December 2019

Peeping. Staring. Gazing. Glancing…. This exhibition brings together a diverse range of works, each exploring different acts of looking. Featured artists use various strategies to draw attention to the ways in which we look, calling into question the assumed roles of passive spectator or active participant.

Split Between the I and the Gaze implicates the viewer by placing them in the position of both the observer and the observed. Drawn from the contemporary collection, the works in the  exhibition mediate between the sense of invasion and invitation. Viewers are coerced into different ways of looking when they are confronted with direct gazes, fragmented bodies, personal spaces and belongings.

Curated by the students of Contemporary Art and Curatorial Practice in the Department of Art History & Art Conservation: Habiba Abo El Esaad, Maddi Andrews, Abby Berry, Annie Brennand, Drew Burton, Amanda Collins, Laura Dionne, Samara Fruitman, Grace Guest, Eden Gundle, Rachael Havens, Lea Lotey-Goodman, Sarah Punzalan, Reed Smith, Emily Sparacino, Maddy Stanton, Violet Tang, Jessee Vaughan, Tessa Wilson and Yanny Zhang, with Professor Jen Kennedy.

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