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Image: Jane Redpath Drummond, View of Kingston’s City Hall, 1912, watercolour on paper. Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queen’s University. Gift of Miss Mary E. Medd, 1981 (24-006) Photo: John McQuarrie
The Inspired “Amateur”: Kingston Women Artists 1890s to 1920s
Frances K. Smith Gallery
30 April 2016–7 August 2016

Spring/Summer Season Launch: Friday 29 April

Drawing upon public and private collections, The Inspired “Amateur” explores an oft-overlooked side of Kingston’s art history. In the late nineteenth to early twentieth centuries, women artists painted watercolour landscapes in and around the city. Often, they chose iconic landmarks: the Martello Towers, Kingston Harbour, City Hall, Royal Military College and Queen’s University. Their shared subjects point, not only to places of local lore and historical importance, but also to artistic and collaborative networks. While these works have sometimes been relegated to the realm of the “amateur,” they reveal a trained eye and strong commitment to art.

The Inspired “Amateur” is curated by Isabel Luce, under the supervision of Alicia Boutilier, as part of a practicum course in the graduate program of the Department of Art History and Art Conservation.

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