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Jamasie Padluk Pitseolak, Grub Shoe, 2011, serpentinite. Purchase, Donald Murray Shepherd Bequest Fund, 2018 (61-005). Photo: Bernard Clark 
Arnaud Maggs, Orford String Quartet, 1983, Fiber-based gelatin silver prints 48-part installation. Gift of the Artist, 2000 (43-078)
Arnaud Maggs, Orford String Quartet (detail), 1983, Fiber-based gelatin silver prints 48-part installation. Gift of the Artist, 2000 (43-078)  
Stephen Andrews, Quick, 1992, encaustic, pigment and ink on canvas. Gift of Herbert O. Bunt, 1996 (39-052)
Lisa Visser, We Don’t Love Each Other, 2011, photograph (3 c-prints). Gift of friends and family of Lisa Visser, 2016 (59-001.01a-c)
York Lethbridge, Justin: Knockout (Nosebleed Series), 2004, Encaustic on canvas. Gift of Herbert O. Bunt, 2018 (61-001.19)
Chris Miner, The Reinvention of Love and Helen Humphreys, 2013, inkjet print, 1/10. Purchase, J. Stuart Fleming Fund, 2014 (57-005)
Rebecca Soudant, A Tapestry of Birth, 2011, cotton and silk embroidery thread, marker and acrylic on cotton. Gift of Rebecca Soudant and Jim McCullough, 2011 (54-016)
Tracing Self and Other
Davies Foundation Gallery
24 August–1 December 2019

Thursday 19 September 2019
Members’ Preview: 5–6 pm
Public Reception: 6–7:30 pm

Taking Arnaud Maggs’s dramatic 48-part portrait of the Orford String Quartet as a starting point, Tracing Self and Other presents a selection of portraits and self-portraits from Agnes’s collection. This exhibition considers some of the ways we know (or fail to know) one another and ourselves, through a range of artist’s approaches to capturing those complicated points where cool perception, memory, incomprehension, passion and compassion collide.

Many of the subjects in Tracing Self and Other are creators: artists, writers and musicians. The exhibition conjures a sense of intimacy, especially in the self-portraits, which probe beneath the surface of appearance. In tone and style, the works range from the studied documentary style of Joseph Hartmans’s view of Tim Pitsiuluk in his studio to the lush, expressive narrative of Rebecca Soudant’s embroidered Tapestry of Birth. They hold in common a quality of interrogation. Together, this art raises questions about the how we value one another: how we celebrate, how we hurt, and how we heal. 

The featured works are by Stephen Andrews, Joseph Hartman, Daniel Hughes, York Lethbridge, Arnaud Maggs, Chris Miner, Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue, Jamasie Padluk Pitseolak, Rebecca Soudant, Lisa Visser and Joyce Wieland.

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