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26 July 2019

Occupational Therapy students at Queen’s University develop visual analysis and observational skills through the Art of Observation program in the David McTavish Art Study Room.

The David McTavish Art Study Room (DMASR) is a learning space created in memory of the late David McTavish, a respected scholar of Renaissance art, beloved professor and mentor, former Head of the Department of Art and transformative Director of the Agnes.  This room is an exciting, accessible space designed for small groups to examine, research and study original works of art. It furthers the academic mission of Queen’s University by supporting custom seminars, and, at the same time, offers flexible community access to the superb collections of the Agnes.

To make the most of this facility, we need to grow this Fund. Your gift will support outreach, coordination and art handling for real-time encounters with works of art. By making the collections more available for teaching use, the DMASR makes fresh, revelatory art experiences possible for students across a wide range of disciplines.

Donate today to make a difference tomorrow.