Printmaking for Teens!
Screen Printing, Intaglio, and Linocut with Abby Nowakowski

Saturdays 2–23 April 2022
2–4 pm

A free art course for teens

During this free four-week introductory printmaking course, teens (ages 13–17) look at the history of printmaking and get hands-on experience with three different methods: screen printing, intaglio, linocut and their experimental combination.

Participants end the course with a small body of work and the skills to continue their printmaking practice at home!

Made possible by the Rita Friendly Kauffman fund.

Abby Nowakowski (she/her) is a queer art facilitator, interdisciplinary artist and storyteller who is driven by curiosity and community. She primarily uses printmaking, illustration, painting and installation. Overtly passionate about the arts, she has been teaching, creating, and working hard to make the arts more accessible for almost a full decade now.

With Ahmri Vandeborne, they run an inclusive art space in Guelph, Ontario called Otherwise Studios where they teach a wide range of mediums and run loads of art events centred around skill development and mess making.


Portrait of Abby Nowakowski

Portrait of Abby Nowakowski

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