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The Mud Painters (for teens)

19 November 2022
1:30–4:30 pm

Nicolas Fleming invites teens to become collaborators in his installation A Mudroom!

Nicolas Fleming invites teens to become collaborators in his installation A Mudroom!

A Mudroom transforms Agnes’s publication lounge into a light, bright one-bedroom apartment rendered in colourful plaster. This playful space continues to change over the course of four months as invited artists collaborate and alter the space, ending in a final collaboration with The Mud Painters (the participants of this program!)

Teens have the opportunity to work with plaster, pigment and a variety of tools as they explore installation art, adding to and altering the very walls of A Mudroom in addition to creating objects to be added to the space. The Mud Painter’s creations are exhibited in A Mudroom from 20 November until the end of the exhibition on 4 December 2022.

Explore the potential of the space and let your imagination run free on how YOU will want to decorate your new home. This is-a-once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Nicolas Fleming’s cross-disciplinary artistic practice spans over 15 years. Since 2018, Fleming has presented ambitious exhibitions highlighting collaborative processes, notably at Evans Contemporary, Koffler Gallery, Art Gallery of Burlington, Patel Brown Gallery, Musée d’art de Joliette, Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, and Agnes Etherington Art Centre. Rooted in his personal experience as an art installer, his creative approach aims to expand and foreground the input of contributors to these projects, asking them to surpass the limitations of their initially attributed roles. This working methodology privileges the shared experience of multiple perspectives brought forth within these exhibitions through his framing architectural environments.

This workshop has been made possible by the George H. Stedman Estate Foundation and the Iva Speers Fund for Art Education.


Nicolas Fleming fabricating A Mudroom, an apartment fully covered in pigmented plaster, 2022.

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