The Studio x Open Secret:
Activating Dreamscapes with hiba ali

16 March 2024
1:30–4:30 pm

Activating Dreamscapes: IRL Collaging and digital worldbuilding in New Art City

Join artist hiba ali as they introduce their practice and lead a workshop on worldbuilding and collage-making in New Art City. Work with magazine scraps, fabric, confetti and glitter to create collages to scan and upload to 3D immersive world space. Then, be guided on ways to combine the collage with digital objects, architecture and sounds to create an immersive environment. Learn collage and world-building techniques and learn ways to conduct collective and playful storytelling with physical collage material and through the digital medium. All are welcome, no previous experience is necessary.

All materials are included in the workshop fee. Bursaries are available.

The Studio is a place to meet innovative practicing artists from Kingston and across Canada, hear about their work and artistic practice and explore a creative project together.

This program is made possible by the Community Foundation for Kingston & Area and the George Richardson Memorial Fund at Queen’s University.
Portrait of hiba ali. Courtesy of the artist.

Portrait of hiba ali. Courtesy of the artist.

hiba ali, d'lota project. Courtesy of the artist.

hiba ali, d’lota project. Courtesy of the artist.


hiba ali is an afrasian worldbuilder and digital somatics practitioner and shares their digital art in the form of immersive digital environments, sculpture-based installations, moving images, garments, and sound. born in karachi, pakistan, they grew up in chicago and toronto and belong to east african, south asian and arab diasporas. they are a practitioner and (re)learner of swahili, urdu, arabic and spanish languages. they developed the term, digital somatics, to embody the body-mind-spirit connection to the principles of game design and narrative storytelling. they use virtual reality, 3d animation and augmented reality to slow down time and create portals of solace and care and consider the digital portal as a liminal space where they call forth more loving and healing into our world.

they work on two long term art and publication projects: the first being an art-based phd project that examines the architecture of surveillance and women of colour’s labor as it exists within the monopoly of amazon (corp.) and the second being a series of works that addresses music, cloth and ritual practices that connect east africa, south asia and the arabian peninsula in the swahili-indian ocean region.

they are an assistant professor at the college of design in the art & technology program at the university of oregon in eugene and they teach about decolonial, feminist, anti-racist frameworks in digital art pedagogies. currently, they are a phd candidate in cultural studies at queens university in kingston, ontario. their work has been presented in chicago, stockholm, vienna, berlin, toronto, new york, istanbul, são paulo, detroit, windsor, dubai, austin, vancouver, and portland. they have written for the following magazines: “c”, the seen, newcity chicago, art chicago, art dubai, the state, medium’s zora, rtv, and topical cream.

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