The Studio:
Typography as Art with Canan Altinkas

Sunday 24 January 2021
1–3:30 pm (ET)

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The Studio introduces artist and art educator Dr Canan Altinkas. Currently in Kingston as part of the Queen’s Scholars at Risk program, Altinkas introduces her artwork and shares the different stages of her process. During this workshop participants are inspired by the use of text and typography and learn specific terminologies and meanings behind this element of design. Participants come to understand their own text language and how to incorporate this into personal artworks.

Materials: mixed media or thick drawing paper, pencil and eraser and a black sharpie. Paint and canvas are optional. A stable internet connection and a laptop, tablet or desktop computer with Zoom installed.


Born in Turkey in 1979 Dr Canan Altinkas is an artist and an academician. She started her artistic learning in her early years with a classic art education and has exhibited professionally, with six solo and numerous group exhibitions. An Assistant Professor for 15 years Dr Altinkas has taught various art courses at the University level in her home country of Turkey. She is published in academic journals and contributed to two international Biennials as a curator and organizer. Her latest solo exhibition titled Disturbed Balance was supported by the Guelph Arts Council.

Dr Altinkas lives in Kingston and was recently awarded an IIE-Artist Protection Fund Fellowship with an artist residency at Queen’s University until September 2021. She continues to work on her art practice, making connections and sharing her expertise during her time at Queen’s.

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