Agnes Reimagined Sharing and Talking Circles

15 July, 23 September and 2 December 2023
1–3 pm

Everyone is welcome!

December’s circle is both in-person and online, with ASL, closed captioning and transcripts. Light refreshments will be served.

Sign up for In-person at Agnes, 2 December, 1–3 pm      

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A slow and intentional community-engaged design process takes time. It is unpredictable and exciting! As we transition from schematic design into design development, we reconvene our sharing and talking circles for Agnes Reimagined, recapping what has already taken shape, clearing the path for the future. Led by our collaborator, Anishinaabe-kwe artist and consultant Georgina Riel, these sessions are aligned with various key moments for KPMB Architects who are listening to what people bring to the table, incorporating our ideas, suggestions and values into the various design iterations (and there are many!).

2 December 2024
Art Everywhere! Makers Spaces, Studios and Residencies, and Returning Etherington House back into a “Home.” The Agnes Reimagined Project Team (KPMB Architects & RIEL Cultural Consulting) would like to invite you to share your ideas and thoughts to contribute to the design development of the new creative and hospitality spaces.

Everyone is welcome!

Questions? Contact us at: admin@rielculturalconsulting.ca

See a poster for the event.

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