Deep Looking:
Jay Bridges:
Hidden in Plain Sight

In-Person at Agnes
24 February 2024
1:15–2 pm

Slow down, observe, relax.

Take time to slow down and deeply observe works in the exhibition Jay Bridges: Hidden in Plain Sight. Guided by Agnes docents, this contemplation practice allows for relaxation and new insights.

At Deep Looking, we aim to facilitate conversations around artworks shaped by participants’ unique perspectives, rather than promoting a singular reading. We ask that participants come with a willingness to listen, share and collaborate.

Colloquially, “hidden in plain sight” means something right before you that you don’t see, because it is too obvious or too common to pay attention to. Or you’ve seen it a thousand times. Skateboarder, photographer and counter-culture influencer, Jay Bridges makes us pay attention to Kingston in new ways in this series that highlights ordinary but iconic landscapes of Kingston’s generic built environment.

The docent program is generously supported by the Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation.

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