Diego Rotman:
The Eternal Sukkah

Agnes Etherington Art Centre
7 November 2016
7 pm

Organized by Cultural Studies at Queen’s University

The Eternal Sukkah: artist Diego Rotman presents a collaborative art project that brought Jewish Heritage into a conversation with contemporary Israeli and Palestinian territorial politics.

Diego Rotman, Ph.D. is a researcher, an interdisciplinary artist and a curator. He wrote his PhD “Performance as Cultural Critique: On Dzigan & Shumacher Theater (1927-1980)” and his MA thesis “Yiddish Theater in Israel (1948-1983)” under the supervision of Prof. Galit Hasan-Rokem and Prof. Yechiel Scheintuch at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For information about the artist, see: http://www.daat-hamakom.com/team/diego-rotman/

Organized by Cultural Studies at Queen’s University, the event takes place at the Agnes, and is free and open to the public. Diego Rotman’s visit to Kingston is made possible by the support of Cultural Studies, the Agnes, Jewish Studies, and Muslim Societies, Global Perspective.

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