Meet the People; See the Subalterns

Wednesday 13 May 2015
7–8:30 pm

Gallery members are invited to attend the next INSIDE AGNES special event.

Agnes members are invited to attend the next INSIDE AGNES special event: Meet the People; See the Subalterns

• A chance to meet members of the Agnes Advisory Board. These are the people that offer their talents and perspectives to guide and support the gallery.

• An opportunity to meet Agnes staff: each will make a brief presentation about who they are and what they do at the gallery. Among these, you will have a chance to welcome Dr Jacquelyn Coutré, Bader Curator/Researcher of European Art, as she makes her first public appearance.

• We’ll offer a special preview of a recent addition to our collection, the watercolour Insolvent Subalterns Paying Morning Visits of 1843. This historically significant Kingston scene by Edmund Yeamans Walcott Henderson is replete with humour and close observation.

Very fine refreshments will be organized and offered by The Agnes Society for your pleasure. Join the Agnes so that you can attend the INSIDE AGNES series and enjoy all the other benefits of belonging.

Please RSVP your intention to attend “Meet the People; See the Subalterns” by Sunday 10 May to (613) 533.2190 or aeac@queensu.ca.

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