Long Branch
Follow the Arc of the Sun

Agnes's Etherington House
21 March 2024
Dawn to Dusk

An experimental sound and music performance

Follow the Arc of the Sun is an experimental sound and music performance embracing the celestial precision of the spring equinox as a musical score. Through this durational live performance, Long Branch traces the movement and angle of the sun within the walls of the Agnes Etherington house. Responding to the tone of the house from the first glimmer of dawn to the gentle descent into twilight, the ensemble embarks on a journey guided by place and light.

Coinciding with the temporary closing of the Agnes house, this performance marks a transitional moment for the gallery and for Long Branch, as they each embark on new beginnings. In the alchemy of sound and sunlight, Long Branch plays the equinox. Creating an immersive experience, this auditory odyssey reflects on the endurance of time; of being inside and outside of shelter; and of isolation and exposure. We ask the questions that remain at the end of the day: How am I still here? Am I still here?

Occurring over twelve hours, the band invites you to join them, spend some time and step in and out of this river of sound as you wish.

Curated by Nasrin Himada, Associate Curator of Academic Outreach and Community Engagement

Follow the arc of the sun is a partnership between Agnes Etherington Art Centre and Murney Tower Museum.

Long Branch is a music, sound and indie rock collective that composes and performs site-responsive music, experimental sound, and rock shows. Long Branch is committed to a collaborative process that engages in the reciprocity of listening and responding. Their work reverberates from the poetics of weaving together stories of tenacity and resilience. In 2022, Long Branch members Lisa Myers and Laura Pitkanen contributed to the Fugitive Rituals exhibition in the Agnes Etherington house with their sound installation All Those Lines. Long Branch has participated in music and sound residencies at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, and performed an interpretation of Pulitzer Laureate and MacArthur Fellow Raven Chacon’s American Ledger (No. 1) at Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery.

Embracing their roots in punk, riot grrrl, and DIY communities, Long Branch has performed at the National Music Centre, Calgary; Toronto International Film Festival; Rolston Recital Hall at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Ontario Place Trillium Stage and other music venues in Toronto, Montreal, and beyond. Long Branch released a 3-song, 7″ record in 2016 that was selected as a Spill Magazine “Track of the Day.” Their 2018 debut full-length record, Found the Setting Sun, was described by CBC’s Andrea Warner as a “wildly accomplished debut,” and “a highly recommended album from a group to watch out for” by Ugly Pop Records. The band will be releasing their 2nd full-length record in spring 2024. Long Branch records are available on vinyl and can be heard on streaming platforms.

Long Branch is Sally Lee, Lisa Myers, Laura Pitkanen and Don Pyle.

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