NOW Society Ensemble

Friday 25 January 2019
1–3:30 pm

New Orchestra Workshop (NOW) Society Ensemble

Performing Iahgo adili and American Ledger (No. 1) by Raven Chacon and Surrounded/Surrounding by Tania Willard

Tracing its roots for over 40 years, the New Orchestra Workshop (NOW) Society Ensemble  has a rich and varied practice of presenting engaging and unique concerts and improvisations drawn from the Vancouver’s premiere artists, and artists from across Canada and abroad. NOW creates community by sharing innovative creation. This is a free and open event; all are welcome.

NOW Society Ensemble

Lisa Cay Miller – Melodica, Piano
Carol Sawyer – Voice
Gabriel Dharmoo – Voice
Jeremy Strachan – Saxophone
James Meger – Bass
Kyoko Ogoda – Marimba, Taiko
Matt Rogalsky – Guitar and Electronics

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